Community Survey

2 Question Survey regarding the Boil Water Notice.

To strengthen communications between the City of Midland and its residents, the Communications staff is seeking your feedback. Although this survey is in response to the recent crisis event, we hope to learn more about how you receive information and consider it in all our efforts. The survey will close February 22, 2023.

To access the 2-question survey: 


Welcome to your community survey! 

This survey will ask you to rate your experience with different aspects of life in Midland, including affordable housing, education, transportation, and public safety.  Based on responses, the survey will measure resident satisfaction regarding local services and quality of life in the city while identifying key concerns residents want the city to address.

Survey responses are anonymous. You can choose to include an email address for follow-up purposes if requested.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the City of Midland!

To access the survey scan the QR code or visit 

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