Rescue Runners

rescue runnersRescue Runners is a volunteer program designed to recruit people to help walk or run shelter dogs. The shelter environment can be a stressful place, so getting the dogs out for exercise provides enrichment, and allows for improvement in social skills. The outing allows for dogs to showcase their personality outside of the kennel, helping to promote fostering and adoptions.

Rescue Runners meets the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. Volunteers can check in anytime between 8 a.m - 10a.m. Check-in closes at 10 a.m. 

The route will be marked and must be followed. 
Please review and sign the waiver. Download Waiver


1. Do I have to run?

No, you don't have to run, you can walk. However, the dogs at the shelter spend a lot of time in the kennel & don't have much leash training. So most have lots of pent up energy & will pull on the leash. Please just be prepared for this kind of physical activity. If you are unsure, maybe bring a friend with you to "share a pup" on the walk.

2. Can underage volunteers participate?

Yes. Volunteers 15 years of age or older can walk a dog, as long as they have a parent/guardian present to accompany them. Children younger than 15 can still join in on the walk, but an adult must be holding the leash at all times.

3. Can I bring my baby/toddler with me in a carrier or stroller while I volunteer?

No. This event is not suited for smaller children. The route is a little over a mile, covering sidewalks, dirt, and some rocky areas, which are not great for strollers or for little ones who may get tired. Also, the dogs range from 40-60lbs and tend to be strong pullers because they are very excited to be out of the kennels. For everyone's safety, it is very important for volunteers to give their full attention to each pup that they are walking/running.

4. Can I bring my family pet along with me to volunteer?

No. The dogs will be coming straight from their kennels, and we will not have time to do proper introductions to make sure they will get along with your pet on the walk. For everyone's safety, it is very important for the volunteers to give their full attention to each shelter pup that they are walking/running.

If you have additional questions please email