Community Service & Classes

Discipline Grid

Constructive sentences are set by the teen jury within a set grid:

  • Rank 1: 5-10 hours community service and one or two evenings jury service (Seatbelts, Speeding 14 mph or less over speed limit)
  • Rank 2: 10-15 hours community service and 2-3 evenings jury service (Speeding 15- 24 mph over the speed limit or in a school/hospital zone.)
  • Rank 3: 15-25 hours of community service and three or four evenings of jury service (Speeding greater than 24 mph over the speed limit, No Driver’s License, Curfew, Tobacco Offenses)
  • Rank 4: 25-40 hours of community service and three to five evenings of jury service (Disorderly Conduct, D.U.I. (minor), Minor Consuming Alcohol, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Simple Assault, Theft under $50, Speeds greater that 80 mph.)


All traffic cases must take a traffic education class as part of their case requirement.

Midland Teen Court provides these classes on a regular basis at the Midland Independent School District Administration Building 615 W Missouri Ave, #226. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for classes at court or call Teen Court office 689-1065.

Midland Teen Court provides Educational Seminars monthly (except August and December) to provide all students information so they can make better choices and become more effective citizens.

Steps To Completion

  • Call 432-240-1065 to confirm enrollment
  • Attend an office appointment if case is non-traffic
  • Return signed contract to Teen Court Office
  • Have case heard by the teen jury at the Midland County Courthouse.
  • Complete assigned Jury Duties
  • Complete community service hours at a non-profit organization (including school, church, government and non-profit agencies)
  • Attend any required courses such as Teen Court Traffic Classes, Educational Seminars, Victim Impact Panel, State-Approved Alcohol Awareness Classes, etc.
  • Return documentation of your community service and any other requirements to the Teen Court office before your completion date.
  • Upon receipt of required documentation, Midland Teen Court issues a Certificate of Completion
  • Take a copy of Certificate of Teen Court Completion and any requirements set by your referring judge to the Court on or before your completion date

Teen Court records all jury service, attendance at Educational Seminars and Traffic Classes. However, all other requirements such as proof of community service, apology letters, special courses, etc. must be turned into the Midland Teen Court Office by the student or parent/guardian to receive the Completion Certificate.