Boards & Commissions


Boards and Commissions fulfill an important role in City government by evaluating issues which affect our community and making recommendations to the Council for needed action. Although most Boards / Commissions are advisory in nature, a few are decision-making entities.

The value of these bodies is a direct reflection of the interest and dedication of our citizens in making Midland a better place to live, and we encourage you to apply for appointment to any Board / Commission in which you may be interested.

Applications are particularly encouraged during the month of August, since most Board / Commission terms expire at the end of September, and application forms may be obtained from the City Secretary’s Office at any time. The City of Midland’s Boards and Commissions are described below.

How to Apply


Please download the application form to your computer. Fill it out the form completely including signature and email it to
IMPORTANT: You will receive an email confirmation that your application has been received. If you have filled out a form and not received an email please call (432) 685-7430.

In Person

Applications are available in the City Secretary’s office located at City Hall, 3rd Floor.


Learn More About a Board or Commission:

Airport Planning and Development Board:

10 members, three-year terms

Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. (January, April, July & October @ 12:30 p.m.) in the Third Floor Media Room at Midland International Air & Space Port, 9506 LaForce Blvd.

Advises City Council and Airport Director regarding the promotion and development of Midland Industrial Park, Midland International Air & Space Port and Midland Airpark.

Staff Contact:  Justine Ruff  432-560-2200

Animal Services Advisory Commission:

7 members, four-year terms 

Advises City Council and the City’s Animal Services Division on animal control problems and compliance with regulations of State or other governmental entity.

Meets the third Monday at noon in January, March, May, July, September, and November.  With January 18 being a holiday, January’s meeting will be on January 19.  Meeting dates below:

January 19 

March 15

May 17

July 19

September 20

November 15

Staff Contact:  Leah Lewis  432-685-7424

Building Codes Review Committee/Construction Board of Adjustments & Appeals:

  • 9 members, six-year terms
  • Board must consist of:
    - The architect that is serving on the COM Construction Board of Appeals
    - One other member of the COM Construction Board of Appeals
    - A General Contractor
    - An Electrical Contractor
    - A Homebuilder
    - A plumbing and mechanical contractor
    - A second architect
    - A structural engineer
    - A City Council Member

Meets as needed

Reviews the current editions of the International Council Construction Codes and makes recommendations to the City Council concerning adoption.

Staff Contact: Jeff Pinkstaff, 432-685-7388

Capital Improvement Advisory Committee

7 members

A minimum of 40% must be representative of real estate, development, or building industries who are not employees or official of a political subdivision or governmental entity.

Staff Contact:  Jose Ortiz, 432-685-7288


Citizens Development and Hotel/Motel Advisory Board:

7 members, two-year terms

Meets as needed (three times per year) in the Basement Conference Room at City Hall, 300 N. Loraine.

Advises City Council regarding the best method of expending available funds and the amount to be budgeted and advises City Council on the use of funds collected pursuant to Chapter 351, “Municipal Hotel Occupancy Taxes”, of the Texas Tax Code.

Staff Contact:  Amy Turner  432-685-7432


Midland Development Corporation:

7 members, three-year terms 

Meets monthly at City Hall, 300 N. Loraine, or other locations in the City as determined by the Board.

Administers funds, subject to City Council approval, to promote and develop new and expanded business enterprises.

Staff Contact:   Amy Turner  432-685-7432

Midland Housing Authority Commission:

5 members, two-year terms

Meets 1st Monday of each month at 11:45 a.m. in the Conference Room, Midland Housing Authority, 700 W. Scharbauer.

Operates on behalf of local government to serve the housing authority needs of the community’s low-income housing for the elderly and disabled.

Contact:  Isaac Garnett 432-685-7408

Midland-Odessa Urban Transit District Board:

12 members (6 from Midland, 6 from Odessa), two-year terms

Meets 3rd Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. at the Midland-Odessa Transportation Organization (MOTOR) Board Room, 9601 Wright Office Complex, Suite 1.

Provide oversight of the Transit System operating in Midland and Odessa.

Staff Contact:  Chuck Harrington  432-685-7442

Oil and Gas Advisory Committee:

5 members (3 petroleum engineers or geologists, 2 with property development or real estate experience), three-year terms

Meets as needed.

Assists the City of Midland Planning Division with the administrative review of Oil and Gas Well Permit applications for (1) technical compliance with the requirements of Sec. 6-1-23 of the City code regarding Oil and Gas Well Permits issued on or after January 1, 2010, and (2) administrative completeness.  The Committee may also recommend a surface location where there is disagreement between the Operator and the owner.  The Committee is subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act, but functions in an advisory capacity only.

Staff Contact:  Ron Jenkins  432-685-7402

Parks and Recreation Commission:

9 members, three-year terms

Meets six times per year on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 a.m. at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, 2300 Butternut.

Advises the City Council and Community Services Department concerning all matters pertaining to public parks and recreation in the City.

Staff Contact:  Tina Jauz 432-685-7354

Permian Basin Community Center for Mental Health and Mental Retardation:

2 members (City), two-year terms

Meets 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. at the Atmos Energy Corporations Fischer Community Room, 2304 Loop 40, Midland TX.

Designs programs of mental health and mental retardation services and determines how local funds, contributed by each party, shall be spent.

Contact:  Amber Pyle 432-570-3333 


Personnel Board of Appeals:

3 members, no designated terms

Meets as needed at a time and place to be determined.

Considers appeals of city employees regarding disciplinary action, and determines what action may be taken regarding the employee’s appeal.

Staff Contact:  Mark Widmann 432-685-7247

Planning and Zoning Commission

  • 7 members and 2 alternate members, three-year terms
  • Meets 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 3:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber, City Hall, 300 N. Loraine.
  • The Planning & Zoning Commission shall sit as a Standing Committee to review applications and schedule public hearings, as required, for request or proposals for approval of rezoning, specific use permits and subdivision plats, right-of-way dedication and vacation and like. (AS per rules of Procedure)
  • Staff Contact: Cristina Burns 432-685-7902

Zoning Board of Adjustment and Airport Zoning Board of Adjustment:

5 members and 4 alternate members, two-year terms

Meets 3rd Thursday @ 2 p.m. as needed in Council Chamber.

Makes decisions on appeals from determinations made by the Building Official, and regarding special exceptions and specific variances.

Staff Contact: Jeff Pinkstaff  432-685-7388

Revised: April 26, 2021