Fire Sprinkler Installation

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Fire Sprinkler installations

The following information is for the purposes of installing any fire sprinkler system within the City of Midland. This is not intended to be the only requirements as many codes and regulations apply.

The following items need to be addressed in obtaining a system approval:

  • Fire Sprinkler plans shall be submitted for review and approved by the Midland Fire Marshals office prior to installation of any component of the system. Three sets of plans need to be submitted and shall include calculations, manufacture specifications on each type of sprinkler head installed, valve location, underground pipe size and location, sprinkler and pipe location.
  • Underground fire supply lines shall be visibly inspected prior to covering. Testing shall consist of 200 psi for two hours. Flushing the supply line is mandatory and will be witnessed by our office prior to connecting the supply to the riser. City Ordinance requires underground fire supply line to be ductile iron in areas that are not within dedicated utility easements.
  • Fire Department connections shall be located at the front or main entrance of the building or at a point nearest to the front or main entrance. As of April 2004, all new installations shall be required to have a locking FDC cap. Locking caps need to be obtained through the Knox company ( An electric fire alarm bell indicating water flow shall be installed above the fire department connection. An outside Audio/Visual device will also be acceptable. This bell or A/V shall be equipped with emergency backup power.
  • The entire sprinkler system shall be tested at 200 psi for two hours with no leaks or drop in pressure. All sprinkler piping shall be exposed during this test.
  • Pressure tests shall be arranged 24 hours in advance through the Fire Marshal's office. No testing will be scheduled after 2 p.m.
  • Required backflow device testing shall be conducted and documentation of test given to our office, and to the building department before the systems final approval.
  • Any permits required will be obtained through the building department.
  • Required sprinkler systems shall be connected to a monitored fire alarm system. A rapid entry Knox box is required for buildings protected by a fire sprinkler system. Contact our office for further information regarding installation.