Fire Suppression Systems

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Fire Suppression Systems

The following information is for the purposes of installing any fire suppression system within the City of Midland. This is not intended to be the only requirements as many codes and regulations apply.

Fire suppression system plans shall be submitted for review and approved by the Midland Fire Marshals office prior to installation of any component of the system.

Fire Suppression System Plans

Two sets of plans need to be submitted and shall include:

  • Type of system
  • The amount of wet or dry chemical/agent
  • The size, length, and arrangement of connected piping or piping and hose
  • The description and location of nozzles so that the adequacy of the system can be determined
  • The location and function of detection devices
  • Manufactures specifications and requirements of system
  • Identification of the hazard to be protected and including such information as physical dimensions, cooking appliances, energy sources for each appliance, and air-handling equipment associated with the system

Drawing to be Submitted

Drawings shall be submitted including the following:

  • Hoods
  • Exhaust duct(s)
  • Appliances
  • Interface of the fire-extinguishing system detectors
  • Piping
  • Nozzles
  • Fuel shutoff devices
  • Agent storage containers
  • Manual actuation device(s)

All suppression systems shall be field tested after installation to determine that the system has been properly installed and will function as intended. A dry gas trip test will be acceptable for testing purposes. 24-hour advance notice will be required for scheduling system tests.