Clinical Services

The Clinical Services Section is dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of all City of Midland / Midland County residents. By responding to infectious disease outbreaks and offering the following in-office services:

All Services are by Appointment Only

Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Section is dedicated to ensuring compliance with State rules on food safety, sewage systems, public and semipublic aquatic facilities, and State safety and TCEQ of childcare, foster care, adoption, and on-site storage facilities by inspection, monitoring, and permitting.


The Public Health Emergency Preparedness Section develops and implements programs to respond quickly and effectively to threats endangering public health in the City of Midland / Midland County area. 

Health Education

The Community Health Education Section uses evidence-based research to develop programs, training, and materials to help improve community health and educate community leaders, agencies, organizations, and community members on community health topics.