Type B Sales Tax Election

The Midland City Council has called a special election on Saturday, May 6 to give residents the opportunity to vote on the extension of the quarter-cent sales tax that currently exists to fund the Scharbauer Sports Complex, and to broaden the use of the sales tax.

Sales Tax Rate in Midland

The current combined sales tax rate in Midland is 8.25% and is broken down as follows:

City = 1%
Type A sales tax = .25%
Type B sales tax = .25%
County = .5%
State = 6.25%

The Type B quarter-cent sales tax equals 25 cents of every $100 spent in Midland.

Ballot Proposition

The following is the proposition that will be presented for residents to vote "for" or "against:"


The extension of the sales and use tax imposed within the City of Midland at the rate of one-quarter of one percent pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Chapter 505 (“Chapter 505”), with the proceeds, including those previously collected, to be used only for the following projects and costs as authorized by Chapter 505: 

(1) land, buildings, facilities, and improvements for use for professional, amateur, and youth sports, athletic, entertainment, and public park purposes, including stadiums, ball parks, parks, open space improvements, museums, and parking facilities, and related roads, streets, and utility facilities; 

(2) the Scharbauer Sports Complex football/soccer stadium and baseball stadium, and facilities and improvements related to said complex; 

(3) streets, roads, and drainage improvements; and 

(4) the maintenance and operating costs of said projects; 

with the proceeds not to be used to issue any debt obligation and with said tax to terminate on September 30, 2032.

How to Vote

Information about voting and upcoming elections in Midland is available on the Midland County Elections Office's website

About the Type B Sales Tax

The Texas Comptroller's website offers information about how the Type B sales tax may be used under state law.