Police Academy

After being hired, the recruit will receive full pay and benefits while attending the Midland Police Department Academy for 21 weeks. Classroom training includes areas such as criminal justice, criminal investigation, basic law, police procedures, and traffic control. Recruits are trained in proficiency areas of firearms, defensive tactics, and physical training. Successful completion of the academy requires passing the state peace officer licensing exam. The Academy is mentally and physically challenging and gives the recruit the fundamentals for becoming a professional police officer. 

Field Training

After successful completion of the Police Academy and State Licensing exam, Officers are assigned to a Patrol shift and enter the 17 week Field Training Officer Program, where you learn to apply your academy training to real-life situations. Officers ride with training officers and are extensively evaluated on their ability to apply Academy training to on-duty service. After successfully completing this program, officers are assigned to a Patrol shift. 

Applicants that were officers in other states or with the federal government can complete a shorter academy as well as an abbreviated field training program. This considered on a case-by-case basis. Veterans are able to use their GI Bill during the Academy and through the Field Training Program.