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1. What is the process to become a police officer at the Midland Police Department?
2. How do I register for the next applicant testing?
3. Does Midland PD accept lateral transfers?
4. What do I need to bring for the applicant testing?
5. How long does the hiring process take for a police officer/cadet?
6. Where do I participate in the applicant testing?
7. What does the applicant testing consist of?
8. How long does the applicant testing take?
9. What are the requirements to be a police officer?
10. What are the requirements to be a police cadet?
11. Can I still be a police officer/cadet if I have been arrested?
12. What does the written applicant test consist of and where can I get a study guide for it?
13. Does the recruiting division make accommodations for applicants that live out of the state or another city during the hiring process?
14. Is there an age requirement or age cap for police officer/cadet?
15. Are military veterans able to use their GI Bill benefits during the academy?
16. Does the Police Department allow internships?
17. Who do I contact to find out more about recruiting or personnel information?
18. I am thinking of relocating to Midland and becoming a police officer. What are the living costs like?
19. After being hired as a police officer, what other steps do I have to complete?
20. If I do not pass the written or physical agility test, when can I re-test?
21. If I get disqualified during the hiring process, when can I re-apply?
22. Is there a policy on tattoos?
23. How many academy classes are held each year?
24. Where will the academy be held?
25. Is it possible to do a ride along with a police officer if I am in the hiring process?
26. What are the general duties of a police cadet?
27. What do I wear for my interview?
28. Do I have to live in Midland when I start at the police academy?
29. Are there positions available at the Midland Police Department other than a police officer/cadet?
30. Is there opportunity for advancement in civilian positions at the Police Department?