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Citizens On Patrol Application

  1. Citizens On Patrol Application
  2. Personal Information:
  3. Education:
  4. High School Graduate?
  5. GED?
  6. College Graduate?
  7. Employment:
  8. Presently Employed?
  9. References: (List Two References)
  10. First Reference:
  11. Second Reference:
  12. Are you willing to commit to patrol the minimum amount of hours required by the program per month?
  13. I hereby grant permission for this law enforcement agency to conduct a criminal history background check. I am also aware that deliberately omitting or falsifying this application will be grounds for disqualification/dismissal from this program. If accepted into the program I also agree to maintain the confidentiality of any information involving any ongoing criminal investigation, police operations, arrest warrants, or criminal indictments while volunteering for this law enforcement agency.
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