Water Line Testing 2022


The City of Midland Utilities Department is taking steps to meet the compliance deadline of the newly released Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Revision by the U.S. EPA for our water system. 


As part of the LCR Revision, all public water providers must identify water service line material to rule out those that may trigger lead or copper levels above the EPA guidelines. The new EPA definition of the service line is the line serving the customer from the City water main to the internal plumbing. 


Since the City of Midland does not currently have a service line to waterline material inventory, as defined by the FDA guidelines, we are required to submit an inventory of waterline material. 


Over the next month, we will start sampling waterlines on some homes in neighborhoods where the building took place before 1990, all childcare facilities and schools.


The process of determining the waterline material involves:

  1. Locate the service line and identify any obstacles below using a ground-penetrating radar
  2. Dig a hole approx. 2" in diameter
  3. Inspection of the line
  4. Replace the ground cover


1. What are the hours the work will be done? 7AM-5PM M-F

2. Will the water be turned off? No, we will not need to shut any water off

3. How long will the inspection of my waterline take? Approximately one hour

4. What if I have newly laid sod or a turf yard? Astroturf or newly laid sod will be considered exemptions and will be removed from the sampling.

5. How were homes selected? Our system randomly selected addresses for homes built before 1990

6. What if something happens to the waterline? Although we do anticipate any issues, in an abundance of caution have identified vendors who are willing to be on standby to assist with any water problems.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Utilities department through email at utilitiesemail@midlandtexas.gov or by phone at (432) 685-7260.


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