Bidding Information


Normal acquisition of goods and services is accomplished through competitive bidding. This is achieved by the use of phone, fax, informal sealed bids, and formal sealed bids and proposals.

Telephone Bids

Responses shall be within 24 hours or when requested by the Purchasing Agent.

Fax Bids

Responses shall be made by the cutoff date shown on the face of the request to guarantee consideration. Bids received later may be rejected.

Informal Sealed Bids

Responses shall be received in the office of the Purchasing Agent by the time shown on the request for bids. Bids received after that time may be rejected.

No information shall be released until after the award is made. No changes in unit costs or other substantial parts of the bid are allowed.

Formal Sealed Bids

Bids or Requests for Proposal's shall be returned to the appropriate office (Purchasing Agent or City Secretary) by the date and time on the face of the request. Bids received later than the appointed time shall be rejected and returned unopened.

Please note that Sealed bids cannot be accepted by direct fax. They have to be sent to a third party and delivered in a sealed envelope with the required marking on the front.

RFP Notifications

Online Notifications for Request for Proposals (RFP) will be posted from time to time. You must submit by mail, fax, or email a written request to the city Purchasing Agent to be placed on the mailing list for specific RFPs.

Bid Openings

Bidders are welcome to attend any of the bid openings where the bids will be read publicly. Requests for Proposals are opened, but no information will be released until an award is made.

Bids are solicited from the largest base of registered bidders as practical. The information on the questionnaire will provide us the information for that database. Bidders will be solicited according to the commodity codes provided on the questionnaire.

Samples that are submitted with the bids are held until after an award is made. The successful bidder's sample will become property of the city through the term of the contract. Other samples will be returned to the bidders at the bidder's request and expense. Please note that these samples will be disposed of after 90 days if not claimed. Vendors submitting a sample of a product for trial use must do so at no cost or obligation to the city. All samples shall be clearly marked.


Suppliers who wish to demonstrate a product or service must clear the demonstration through the Purchasing Office. Approval of such demonstration does not presume any obligation for purchases in the future.