Investigative Services Bureau

The Investigative Services Bureau is responsible for follow-up investigation of criminal offenses and related activities.

Special Investigations Division

The Special Investigations Division is tasked with the suppression and investigation of specific criminal acts, as well as providing assistance to other local, state and federal law enforcement agents in their operations throughout the region.

Vice Unit

The Vice Unit is tasked with the investigation of crimes related to narcotics (production, trafficking and possession), organized crime, firearms violations, prostitution, and gambling. Included within the scope of this group's responsibilities are the execution of search and arrest warrants, seizure of money and property directly related to criminal activity and undercover operations.

Financial Crimes Unit

The Financial Crimes Unit is tasked with the investigation of financial fraud cases including identity theft, forgery, credit card abuse, scams, embezzlement, and counterfeiting.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is responsible for all follow-up investigations that may lead to the identification of a suspect or suspects, recovery of stolen property and the clearance of reported offenses, as well as the collection and preservation of evidence. In addition to arresting offenders, duties include preparing cases for presentation to the District Attorney and subsequent courtroom testimony.

Crimes Against Persons Unit

The Crimes Against Persons Unit is responsible for all crimes against persons, which include homicides, sexual assaults, child predators, assault offenses and harassment. This unit works closely with and maintains liaison with Midland Rape Crisis Center, Child Advocacy Center (CAC), Child Protective Services (CPS), and Victim/Witness assistance. These investigators are the only officers in the state of Texas-trained, along with nurses, in Sexual Assault Examination.

Crime Victim Liaison

The Crime Victim Liaison is tasked with ensuring that victims of crime are afforded the rights granted victims by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and are aware of the services available to them through the Texas Crime Victim's Compensation Act. The Liaison is also responsible for educating law enforcement officers, school faculties and the community regarding crime victims' rights.

Crime Scene Investigations Unit

The Crime Scene Investigations Unit is responsible for collecting and processing evidence at all major crime scenes. Our criminal laboratory is equipped to perform many of the forensic examinations that other departments must send to outside sources. They are also equipped with an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). This system takes latent, or unknown, prints from a crime scene and compares them to a state-wide database of known offenders.

Property Crimes Unit

 This unit is responsible for the investigation of thefts, burglaries, criminal mischief cases and other cases that involve property damage or loss. The Property Crimes Unit handles more cases than any other unit in the Bureau. Property detectives investigate cases and conduct proactive operations in an attempt to prevent serial property crimes.

Auto Theft Unit

The Auto Theft Unit is charged with investigating auto thefts throughout six surrounding counties, including Midland County. These duties include surveillance operations, stolen vehicle recoveries and suspect apprehensions, and multi-agency checkpoint projects along the U.S. - Mexico border.

Juvenile Unit

The Juvenile Unit is responsible for juvenile programs and the investigation of juvenile related offenses.