Citizen Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy is designed to give Midland citizens a working knowledge of the Midland Police Department.

The slogan of the Citizens Police Academy is “Understanding Through Education”, with the ultimate goal of providing attending citizens the information needed to dispel any suspicions or misconceptions and increase rapport between the police and the community. The public, in turn, makes the officers more aware of its feelings and concerns.

The Academy is open to everyone 18 years of age and older who live or work in Midland County. All eligible applicants will be investigated for prior criminal offenses. A prior conviction will not automatically disqualify an applicant and will be considered only as it relates to the Academy. The 30 member class fills up quickly and a waiting list is established for anyone who cannot be placed in the immediate class.

There is no registration fee and the Midland Police Department provides all classroom materials.

Students meet twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday for six weeks. They receive approximately 36 hours of instruction, a chance to ride along with on-duty Police Officers, and other hands-on opportunities. Students completing this course are honored at a graduation banquet the last week of class.

The Midland Police Department believes public opinion and knowledge is essential to establish the community-policing concept. Opinions provided by citizens will play a vital role in the future of the Police Department. The more information the public has about the Police Department, the fewer fears will exist. Many conflicts are caused simply by a lack of understanding, and these could be avoided. We hope the graduates of the Citizens Police Academy take their knowledge into the community, educate others when the opportunity arises, and make decisions that affect the City and Police Department with heightened awareness and better information.

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