Trash Service

  • Residential garbage is picked up either Monday and Thursday, or Tuesday and Friday.
  • One container is set for every four to five residents, where alleys are available.
  • Each customer with curbside cart service has his or her own individual cart.
  • We do not pick up tires, vehicle batteries, barrels of oil or any related materials and the unauthorized disposal of such items is considered illegal dumping.
  • We do not pick up tree limbs or construction debris and the unauthorized disposal of such items is considered illegal dumping. Please call our office for disposal information.
  • Yard waste can be disposed of at the Citizens Collection Station. This site is located just north of the ClayDesta post office at 4100 Smith Road.
  • Residents are encouraged to spread paints on old wood or cardboard. Once dry, they can be placed into the alley container.
  • Construction containers can be provided to our customers upon request. These containers are 30 cubic yard open-tops. Charges for these containers are billed on the customers' current water bill or set up through Customer Service. For prices and availability, please call 432-685-7278.

For residential customers, the City of Midland will pick up furniture and appliances at no additional charge by calling 432-685-7278 to set up a pickup date. These items must be placed in the alley in the city right-of-way; the city will not go onto private property. Do not place your item next to the dumpster; it needs to be behind your home, in the alley. These larger item collections must be scheduled with the Solid Waste Division and are currently collected by date of call.

Examples of items we can pick up:

  • couches
  • chairs
  • bed frames (most household furniture)
  • freezers
  • A/C units
  • BBQ grills
  • swing sets
  • patio furniture
  • water heaters
  • washers/dryers
  • refrigerators