Tall City Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan

The Tall City Tomorrow Plan is a long-term planning tool for the future of the City of Midland as it develops and grows. This vision, created with input from the public, provides community leaders with the tools necessary to make sound decisions based on the aspirations of residents. View the entire document or read a specific section from the plan below:


Executive Summary

Provides an overall snapshot of the Tall City Tomorrow Plan, with long-term growth and development goals for the City of Midland.

Chapter 1 - Tall City Today

Identifies key trends in the City of Midland's current population, land use, environmental features, housing and neighborhood character, economic conditions, parks and amenities, transportation and infrastructure, and how they provide a foundation for the future.

Chapter 2 - A Shared Vision

Discusses challenges and opportunities, results of public engagement, and identifies community themes that helped define the overall direction of the Tall City Tomorrow plan.

Chapter 3 - An Integrated Land Use Vision

Defines land use and development principles and provides a framework for future land use decisions. Includes map and explanation of development policy areas and the master map that defines future land use expectations across Midland.

Chapter 4 - Housing & Neighborhoods

Explains the following initiatives and policies: to expand housing diversity by type and cost, revitalize and stabilize older neighborhoods, encourage infill development, and preserve and enhance special needs housing.

Chapter 5 - Transportation

Presents a plan for a future system that supports growth and meets the needs of a wide variety of users, including motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit. Includes a map that proposes future collector, arterial and interstate roads.

Chapter 6 - Character

Sets goals to enhance community appearance, improve landscaping regulations, upgrade site design standards, and enhance new residential development areas.

Chapter 7 - Central District Plan

Focuses on downtown Midland and the need to complete the Centennial Plaza core site, increase the number of residents living downtown, develop retail destinations, and connect downtown with nearby assets and neighborhoods.

Chapter 8 - Infrastructure

Addresses essential services, outside of transportation, and the facilities needed to manage and maintain those services. Includes information on drainage, water, sewer, emergency services, and municipal facilities.

Chapter 9 - Quality of Life

Drawing heavily from input during the public engagement process, this chapter sets goals for connecting and improving assets to provide recreation and cultural destinations for residents and visitors.

Chapter 10 - Implementation

Reviews the recommendations outlined in the preceding chapters with additional information about making these visions a reality.