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The Midland Fire Department

Today, the MFD employs over 250 personnel and provides fire protection and emergency medical services, as well as other services to the citizens and visitors to the city and county of Midland.

The Midland Fire Department operates 11 stations covering over 900 square miles. MFD answers a growing number of requests for assistance every year with calls for emergency medical services making up the largest volume of those requests. The fire department is planning continually to keep up with the growth of Midland including the construction of a new fire station in the near future.

The City of Midland Fire Department is an ISO 1 (Class 1) organization.


The Midland Fire Department was first organized on a volunteer basis in 1909 in response to two disastrous fires, which almost destroyed the downtown business district. In 1916, the city purchased its first modern fire engine from American LaFrance, a type 40 combination with a 40-gallon tank and a junior pump. Later, as Midland’s needs and its population increased, Truck #2 was acquired in 1928 and Truck #3 in 1930.

After World War II, it became obvious that a volunteer fire department could no longer service the needs of Midland. As most cities do, Midland’s fire department gradually became fully paid. Chief James D. Walker became the first paid firefighter. During his tenure, the fire department moved more in the direction of a fully paid department. In 1952, J.M. Little took the helm and shortly thereafter the fire department became fully staffed by paid personnel. In 1972, emergency medical services were added to the many duties assumed by the Midland Fire Department.