Environmental Services Overview

Midland Health & Senior Services is responsible for securing compliance with State rules on food safety through surveillance, monitoring and inspections, permitting retail food establishments, and responding to citizen complaints on food, water supply and neighborhood nuisances.

Who needs a food permit?

  • City of Midland food establishment permits are required for anyone preparing, processing, storing or serving food to the public inside the city and county limits of Midland.
  • Helpful links for rules, resources and applications can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • All food establishments, that prepare / serve potentially hazardous foods, must have at least one certified food manager (CFM) at their facility. Links for Certified Food Manager courses can be found under Food Safety Resources links listed at the bottom of this page.


Opening a new restaurant

  • If you are opening a new food establishment, remodeling an existing establishment or converting an existing facility into a food establishment, please contact City of Midland Health & Senior Services for guidance. You will also need to contact code administration and the fire marshal offices as well.
  • You need to contact Code Administration to submit a set of plans and request a Plan Review packet to have your plans reviewed for your facility. Once the facility has been approved by code administration, the fire marshal, and health department, purchase a permit to sell food from the City of Midland Health Department, the Application can be submitted in person or mail with payment to the City of Midland Health Department.

Mobile Food Unit

  • Mobile food unit rules and requirements can be found here. Mobile food units have the same requirements for food safety as restaurants. To open a mobile food unit you must have your mobile unit pre-inspected and fill out the Mobile Food Unit Application packet. You will need to contact the Fire Marshal's office for additional inspection and Planning and Zoning for a permit to operate in the city.

Temporary Event Permit

  • Temporary event permits are required for anyone preparing / serving potentially hazardous food to the public. Temporary event rules can be found here. To obtain a temporary food permit, fill out the application and submit it to City of Midland Health Department, located at 3303 W. Illinois, Suite 22, with payment, no later than 72 hours before the event. Large events with multiple vendors may have additional requirements and deadlines. Check with the event organizer or contact Environmental Health at 432-681-7613. No potentially hazardous foods may be prepared at home to sell at a temporary event. All cooking and preparation of food sold or given away must be done on site at the event.

Helpful Links

Food Safety Resources