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Jury Questionnaire

  1. City of Midland Municipal Court- Jury Service

    Please fill out the following questionnaire to assist the Court and counsel in selecting a jury. The purpose of these questions is not to ask unnecessarily about personal matters. It is simply to determine whether a perspective juror can decide the case fairly and impartially. Counsel may ask more questions should you be selected for Voir Dire. This questionnaire will not be made public.

  2. (Located on postcard received; above your name)

  3. Preferred Method of Contact
  4. If you agree to report for Jury Service, it is not necessary for you to claim an exemption. However, if you qualify for an exemption from Jury Service and wish to be excused, you may establish your exemption without appearing in person by filling out the information below.


    If you do not claim a statutory exemption, you should report for jury service as ordered by this summons.


    Business and employment reasons are not lawful excuses.

  5. A person qualified to serve as a juror may claim an exemption from jury service. Please select one of the following exemptions below:
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