City Auction

The city no longer holds a site auction for its vehicles and equipment. This is being handled online by Rene Bates Auctioneers, Inc. If you are interested in bidding on any vehicles and equipment the City of Midland is currently offering, please visit Rene Bates Auctioneers, Inc.

City Surplus

All other City surplus, obsolete materials, small equipment and office machines, computers, etc., released Police evidence, abandoned and unclaimed articles, etc. that were sold at the City Auction are now be disposed of through a local auctioneer, Auctions and Services Unlimited. The articles will be delivered to the auctioneer all through the year and will be sold as the auctioneer has enough quantity to justify holding a sale. Please check with them often.

Abandoned Vehicles

All abandoned vehicle auctions are now being held by our Wrecker and Impound Service Contractor, currently Action Wrecker. You may obtain information concerning future Abandoned Vehicle Auctions and information concerning the release of a vehicle that has been towed can be found online.