Salary and Compensations

The current starting pay for a Police Recruit is $57,290 annually. Police Officer's pay progression is based on a nine-step pay scale that is based on years of employment, annual evaluations, and TCOLE certificate level. The first four steps for Officers are listed below. There are separate pay scales for each individual rank above Officer. Additional Incentives are not calculated for pay scale.

Police Officer Step 1
Police Officer Step 2$70,220
Police Officer Step 3$73,590
Police Officer Step 4$77,279

 Additional pay can be earned as follows:

Course / Degree Completed
Associate Degree (any field)
Associate Degree (Police Sciences)
Bachelor Degree (any field)
Bachelor Degree (Police Sciences)
Master's Degree (any field)
Master's Degree (Police Sciences)

Intermediate TCOLE Certificate
Advanced TCL Certificate
Master TCL Certificate

Maximum Incentive Pay Cap
Major Schools Pay-FBI National Academy and Law Enforcement Management Institute$75

Longevity is paid at a rate of $6.00 per month per year of service.

College tuition reimbursement is also available to those officers wishing to continue their education. Employees have easy access to a community college and an upper-level university.