Lock It or Lose It

National Crime Survey data indicates that citizens often leave their vehicles unlocked and their valuables unsecured in their residential neighborhoods because residents feel more secure near their homes; in turn, most vehicle-related thefts and burglaries occur at these locations. Moreover, these habits are carried over to other areas and result in losses in parking areas around the city.

Based on statistical analysis, an overwhelming majority of vehicular burglaries and thefts occur because victims forget to hide their valuables and lock their vehicles. These facts indicate that citizens must take action to avoid becoming future victims and through a partnership with the Midland Police Department we want to turn our citizens into active crime fighters with the Lock It or Lose It campaign!

It’s simple: before exiting your vehicle ensure that valuables are hidden and the doors are locked. And, to help, the Midland Police Department has formed a task force designed to spread the word about these preventative measures through social media and public appearances that encourage everyone to Lock It or Lose It!

Want a free "Lock It or Lose It" sign for your business? Contact Sgt. Lorenzo Dominguez at 432-685-7564.